Evaporative Cooler Rebates: What you need to know

Evaporative Coolers are affordable, save on utility bills, and keep your household cool and comfortable. Did you know that some states offer rebates for installing an evaporative cooler? It’s true!

A rebate is money that is offered back to you for an item that you have already purchased. Power companies will frequently reward you as their customer for installing a system that uses LESS electricity. That’s because as the demands for electrical energy increase, like during very hot summers, some power companies struggle to keep up with consumer demand. By installing and using an evaporative cooler in your home, you could use up to a third less energy each month as compared with a traditional air conditioning system, which reduces your cooling demands. The electrical savings also means you’re saving money every month.

Rebates are offered by each individual power company. The rebates vary according to each company, and they can range in value from $100 all of the way up to $1,200! Of course, there are rules that apply in each case. The power companies all have approved equipment that must be used in order to qualify. Also, some areas require that a professional contractor install the system, but most states allow for self-install (especially with window unit evaporative coolers). Be sure to read all of the fine print before purchasing equipment.

TIP: Save your receipt from any evaporative cooler purchase. Most power companies have a time limit during which you can qualify for the rebate, and the countdown begins with the date of purchase.

Here is a list of a few states where evaporative cooler rebate programs are currently active: California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

So how do you find out if you qualify? In easiest terms, just ask! Most power company websites will have a page detailing their rebate programs. These pages will include the qualifying equipment (usually a PDF list) and an application form (either an online form or a PDF form to print and complete). If your power company’s website does not mention evaporative coolers, it may be a good idea to take the extra step of contacting them to ask. If enough people ask about evaporative cooler rebates, maybe they will start up a program!

Please visit our rebates page to see a list of states and power companies offering rebates, including links to information and application forms.

Disclaimer: These rebate programs are offered and administered by the individual electrical power companies. MasterCool makes no offer or guarantee of rebate. Review all rebate applications, qualifications, and details prior to purchase.