Fall for a Dog

We’ve never been the type to turn down a good theme month, so we were all in after learning that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. As passionate animal lovers, we here at Essick Air HQ have done exactly that. Almost all of us have adopted shelter or rescue dogs, and we’ve been featuring some of the dogs rescued by our employees on Facebook and Instagram!

Essie wandered onto the grounds of our headquarters in late August 2018. Dirty, hungry, and covered in fleas, she was in bad shape. She was immediately taken inside and given food, attention, and lots of love. Josh, our Graphic Designer, formed an immediate bond with Essie and offered her a forever home without hesitation. Essie made fast friends with Lana, Josh’s other rescue dog. Since her adoption, Essie is thriving! Take a look at Essie and Lana in action!

Nikki is a Maltipoo found roaming the streets of Dallas in 2013. Timid and shy, she was saved from the streets by the volunteers at Poodle Patch Rescue in Texarkana, Arkansas. Nikki was spotted by the family of Sydney, one of our Social Media Techs. She was welcomed into the family and evolved into the lap dog she was always meant to be. One week later, Sydney’s family adopted a baby toy poodle, Sam, from the same rescue. Sam was rambunctious and full of personality. Years later, he still is! Sam and Nikki are the best of friends. They love to race around the backyard, chase squirrels, and look after their human little brother. Check out these happy pups!

What’s it like to live in a house dominated by dachshunds? Just ask Kelly, our Customer Experience Manager. She’s rescued two, and is currently fostering a third! Boo Radley is a long-haired, short-legged force of nature. His huge personality and wild adventures have garnered a small-but-dedicated social media following ever since Kelly rescued him in 2013. Two years later, Boo and Kelly made the 13-hour trek to San Antonio, where Levon was being rehabilitated after being hit by a car and attacked by a wild animal. His luck changed for the better when his new family brought him home. The latest addition to the Den of Dachshunds came in September 2018. Wren is under the foster care of Kelly, who brought Wren home to nurse back to health. This sweet girl was found malnourished and almost hairless when she was turned into the Animal Village in Little Rock, Arkansas. One month later, Wren is on the road to recovery, and even re-growing her hair! See their story (and Boo Radley’s fabulous hair).

Rescued dogs really are the sweetest. We urge you to adopt, don’t shop. Shelter overcrowding is a serious issue. There are so many available at your local shelters and rescues; open your heart and experience the love for yourself. We hope you’ve enjoyed our peek into the lives of our rescued dogs. It’s a great time to visit a shelter and start a new chapter in your life. Volunteer, donate supplies, foster a pup, or give them a forever home. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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