Online Resources for Your Evaporative Cooler

When you purchase a new evaporative cooler, it comes with a handy little manual. Manuals are full of useful information about your swamp cooler; how to install it, how to care for it, and tips to keep it running smoothly. Manuals are so important that they boldly tell you not to lose them, right on the cover! In a perfect world, there would be a place for every manual, and every manual could be found in its place.

But this is real life. Your manual might not be in the last place you swore you’d left it. Maybe you misplaced it, or maybe your kids thought it was a coloring book. That doesn’t help when you need some information, or need to order a replacement motor, new pads, or other parts for your swamp cooler.

Relax. We’re here for you! Hop online and head over to We’ve got all the manuals online! Once you’re on the website, click “Coolers,” then select your type from the dropdown list. Aspen residential? Rigid media? Window unit? We got you! Select your evaporative cooler model, then go to “Resources,” and you’ll find both the owner’s manual and parts chart, which are handy for any DIY swamp cooler repair. You can download and save your manual, or print yourself another copy. Even better, if you needed it to look up the number for a replacement part, you can order it right there on the website!

While the internet is certainly resourceful, if you’d rather talk to an actual person, we’ve got you covered there, too! Our Customer Service Team is happy to answer questions and assist you with issues that may arise during the life of your evaporative cooler. Give them a call at 800-643-8341. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 am – 5:30 pm CST.

Then maybe go get your kids a new coloring book.

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