Choosing a Cooler? CFM Matters.

There are many evaporative cooler configurations available. When shopping for a new evaporative cooler, the options could be daunting. Luckily, they don’t have to be! Before buying an evaporative cooler, you need to have an idea of the CFM’s needed to properly cool your home.

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. It primarily measures air flow and is used to determine the efficiency of HVAC systems and evaporative coolers. For coolers, it measures how much air the fan can move per minute.

To calculate CFM, first determine the square footage of the space you’d like to cool. Multiply this number by the height of your ceilings. Divide that number by 2. The result is the CFM rating of the cooler you need for your home.

For example, say you have a 1000 square foot house with 8 foot ceilings.

1000 x 8 = 8000

8000 + 2 = 4000 CFM

You would need an evaporative cooler with at least a 4000 CFM rating for your home. It is not recommended to undersize a cooler for the square footage. Evaporative coolers work by constantly removing and replacing the air in a home. A single undersized cooler won’t be able to keep up with the demand, leading to ineffective cooling. It would also use more energy as it tried to move the air.

It is possible to use a larger cooler than what is actually needed for your home. When sizing up, it is not necessary to use the biggest motor available. A smaller HP motor will generally work, and as it won’t have to work as hard to cool down the house, it might not need to run as much, so it saves energy, which saves you money.

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