How to Clean Your Rigid Media Pads

Like most large household appliances, evaporative coolers need regular maintenance. The major maintenance periods are the spring start-up and the winter shut-down. Did you know that periodically checking the status of the cooling media could increase the efficiency of your cooler?

Most evaporative coolers work with either Aspen pads or rigid media. Aspen pads need to be replaced at the beginning of every season. Midway through the season, it’s a good idea to check and replace them if needed. Dirty pads can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your evaporative cooler.

This applies to rigid media as well. The average life expectancy of a rigid media pad is two years, but water with high mineral content will deteriorate the integrity of the media sooner. Regular cleaning will help extend the life of your rigid media.

Always remember to turn off the unit and water supply, and disconnect it from electrical power before beginning any maintenance. Specific disassembly steps may vary across models.

Once the cooler is opened and the pads exposed, they should be removed from the back guard by unscrewing the media peg clips. Be careful not to chip or damage the media during removal. Inspect all sides of the pads. Look for blockage, mineral build-up or mildew growth, breakage, or other anomalies.

Wash the pads with a garden hose. Light scrubbing may be required. Do not use a pressure washer on rigid media pads, as this may cause damage to the media pads.

After the pads have been cleaned, place them to the side while other cooler maintenance is performed. Lay them flat to prevent damage.

Reinstall the pads so the steeper angle of the flute slopes down toward the bottom of the media frame. Gather the media peg clips, then push the stems through the media and fasten with the keepers. Do so carefully to prevent damage to the pads. Once this is complete, reattach the water line to the media frame and screw the frame back onto the cooler body. Reconnect the power and enjoy the cool clean air!

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