Be Prepared: Is Your Evaporative Cooler Ready for Summer?

Parts of the country seem to be stuck in a never-ending loop of snowy winter weather this year, but in some areas, spring is already transitioning into summer, with above-average temperatures predicted for the Southwestern United States for May. The outlook gets hotter from there, with much of the Western United States on track for much higher-than-average temperatures through July and beyond. Now is the time to get your evaporative cooler ready for the season! Here are a few simple tips for a quick and efficient startup. Make sure the power is turned off at the breaker before performing any maintenance.

First, if your cooler was covered through the winter, remove the cover and check its condition before storing it. Remove the panels from all sides of your cooler and note their position for easy re-insertion. Next, remove the old pads, then take some time to clean out dust buildup, mineral scale, leaves, and debris from the inner chambers and vents. Make sure to get the corners! Wipe down the entire unit with mild soapy water. Use a cloth to remove hard water deposits from the pan.

Once the cooler is open, inspect the drive belt for cracks and splits, then check the belt tension. Add oil to the blower shaft bearing. Reconnect the water supply and tighten the nut with pliers or a wrench, then re-install the overflow assembly and let the pan fill with water. Make sure the float valve is working properly and cutting off the water when the pan is full. Be sure to check the water line for leaks.

Next, install your new Aspen pads. It’s a good idea to soak them before turning on the fan to achieve better cooling. This can be done by using the “pump only” option. Reconnect the water delivery tube. Turn on the power at the breaker, then turn on the pump to ensure that it is working. Check that the blower is operating correctly, then re-install the side panels. Test the unit on low cool to make sure cool air is coming into the house.

All good? Congratulate yourself on a job well done and stay cool in the hot summer months to come!

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