The Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

One of the best parts of a nice, relaxing swim comes at the end, with the cool comfort you experience as the water evaporates from your skin. This cooling method is exactly how and an evaporative cooler works in your home.

Evaporative coolers, or “swamp coolers” as they’re frequently called in the United States, are based on a tried and true, energy-efficient method of cooling that dates back to ancient Egypt. Evaporative coolers work by a simple process where water is pumped from a reservoir through a pad that becomes increasingly saturated. A fan blows air through the pad, cooling the air as the water evaporates. Unlike air conditioning, which requires doors and windows to remain closed to “trap in” the cool air, evaporative coolers actually work better with open doors or windows, allowing you to enjoy fresh cool air while your home is cooled.

Another benefit to an evaporative cooling system is found right in your wallet. Initial installation is typically around half the cost of whole-home air conditioning installation, and your savings don’t stop there. Evaporative coolers require less electricity to run, about a fourth of the energy consumed by traditional air conditioning systems, so you’ll see your savings continue month after month.

Evaporative coolers work best in a hot, dry climate, making it the perfect choice for those living in the Southwest United States.

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