Know Your Climate Zone: Is Evaporative Cooling Right for You?

“Is an evaporative cooler right for me?”

There are many options available to make your home more comfortable, and a lot of it is dependent on the climate zone for your location. Put simply, climate zones are determined by an area’s average temperature and rainfall.

Much of the United States experiences humidity, but the Southeastern states battle high humidity for most of the year. There is already a lot of water in humid regions, so evaporative coolers are generally not a good choice for home cooling. Additionally, excess water encourages mold and mildew growth!

Northern and Midwest states experience humidity, but not the oppressive levels of the southeast, so evaporative coolers work more efficiently in their homes. They are able to lower the home’s temperature some, but not as much as in more arid areas.

The hot, dry air of the American Southwest provides the optimal conditions for an evaporative cooler. Outdoor temperatures of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit can be cooled an average of 30 degrees with an evaporative cooler system, at a fraction of the cost of standard air conditioning!

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