Evaporative Cooling for Your Greenhouse: The Easy Way to Save Some Green

Greenhouses come in many sizes and configurations – from small hobbyists all the way through large commercial greenhouse systems. Greenhouse operators need a cost efficient way to operate their facilities. Air conditioning systems are cost prohibitive because there is so much heat that needs to be removed. Evaporative coolers offer a viable solution, with different types of setups geared to benefit greenhouses of all sizes.

Temperatures are typically measured two ways, via the dry bulb and wet bulb thermometer readings. These are generally straightforward – the dry bulb measurement is simply the actual air temperature measured by a regular thermometer. The wet bulb temperature is a measure of the lowest temperature that can be reached when water evaporates. The thermometer is fitted with a wetted wick, and as the water evaporates, the thermometer’s temperature decreases. Wet bulb temperatures are best measured in the afternoon, as the outside temperatures are at their highest, and solar radiation peaks. This is when there is a maximum potential for cooling. An evaporative cooling system can cool a greenhouse 10-20 degrees below the outside temperature!

One of the most common evaporative cooling systems for greenhouses is known as the Wet Wall System. Large fans blow air over a wet pad situated on one wall of the greenhouse. This is a very common setup in commercial greenhouses.

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