Stay Cool This Summer with a Portable Evaporative Cooler

Summertime means fun in the sun, and a MasterCool portable evaporative cooler can keep you cool almost everywhere you wander.

MasterCool evaporative coolers work with water, not chemicals. They draw hot, dry exterior air into special media soaked with water. The air is then cooled by the water as it evaporates. Finally, a fan in the cooler blows the chilled air out.

While people might think that evaporative coolers are just for a home or business, MasterCool's line of portable evaporative coolers will help you stay cool outside, too. Our portable coolers work just like our home units, but they are made to move. Put them on your patio or deck, by your pool, in your garage, in your pet's area, or anywhere else you want cooling - even the great outdoors! It's portable air conditioning wherever you need it. You can see our full line of MasterCool portable evaporative coolers here.

Now, get out there and have a cool summer!

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